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Please Pray For These Churches

First Congregational Church of Beloit, Rev Joy Baumgartner

They have just begun a re-visioning process, examining their covenant and deciding if changes need to be made. They have excellent worship, hospitality, finances, music and no conflict at FCC and they want to actively invite the community into their body of Christ. Please pray for them during this re-visioning process, for discernment, for wisdom, for patience and guidance.

United Church of Beloit, Pastor Steve Erkel

They open up a room in their basement for a weekly ministry for disabled adults in the church and are finding that some of the adults have begun attending worship at United; on March 25 United will host a Greek Night fundraiser with Greek music, food and fun. Please pray for their capital campaign to raise funds to replace the roof; more importantly, pray for unity in the church. The recent politically divisive climate in the country is causing some tension in the church and the focus needs to be on Christ and his work, his sacrifice and how to share that message.

Gridley Congregational Church, Pastor Jerry Thomas

They are happy to report all bills are currently paid except for the roof. They have that patched and it is providing sufficient cover. They recently put in a new furnace. They have a fundraiser which allows people to make online purchases, for which a percent of sales is given to the church. Please pray for continued financial strength and well-being for Gridley.

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