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Tel: 469-236-4222

Moderator: Rev. Jeff Larson

Pulpit Supply


Adam Becker


Adam is a conservative preacher who loves the Lord and loves to teach the Bible. In 2007 he returned from a student study tour to Israel with new perspective on the Bible and Biblical archeology.


Polly Bodjanac


Polly was called into Lay Ministry Leadership in 2007. She completed her three year Lay Ministry & Leadership training in 2013.  he provides pulpit supply and teaches Bible studies. She has served as Moderator of the WCA and currently serves as WCA Lay Ambassador. She has traveled to New Orleans six times on mission trips and to Mexico twice on mission trips.


Larry Sommers


Larry came to Jesus Christ by a long and winding spiritual path, at last hearing a clear call to ministry in the early 1990s. He finds satisfaction in service as a layperson in his local church and in the wider affairs of Congregationalism, including missionary service at Misión Mazahua and elsewhere. Retired from full-time employment as a public information specialist and magazine editor, he devotes time to writing screenplays, short stories, and other creative projects.

He is happy to be of service preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in local churches.


Pastor Carol Taylor

Church: (608) 362-6857
Cell: (608) 201-1114

Pastor Carol has been a Licensed Lay Minister since completing the NACCC Lay Ministry Training Program in 2006. Her home church was Second Congregational until the 2012 merger with First Presbyterian, forming the United Church of Beloit. Carol was active in each stage of the 18-month merger process. She served as United’s “Unintentional Interim” Minister during the church search for a senior minister, and is now back to her part-time position. Carol and her husband Martin have been attending NACCC Annual Meetings for several years and she is now serving on the Growth Ministry Council.

United Church of Beloit has first dibs on my time, otherwise flexible. Not available during NA meeting in June.

Jim Filicetti Picture.png

Jim Filicetti


Jim Filicetti has been a long time member of First Congregational Church of Rochester in Rochester Wisconsin. Jim has served as Moderator, Vice Moderator, on Church Council, and in many other roles as needed. Jim provides pulpit supply for Church Services, Funerals, and other activities as needed.  Jim was called to the Lay Ministry and Leadership Training Program in 2019. Jim continues to learn about the Good News.  He is eager to learn more and serve others throughout the journey. Jim is a CPA and works closely with many Church Finance Councils.  


Jim is available to provide local and remote Youth Ministry opportunities and pulpit supply for our Congregations in Southeast Wisconsin March 15th through November 30th, and in Mesa Arizona December 1st through March 15th. Jim is married to his wife Kathryn, and has been learning a lot from his 8 year old baseball lover and enthusiast, AJ.  Jim attends both First Congregational Church of Rochester and Grace Church in Gilbert AZ.  Jim is thankful and grateful to serve God and congregations where needed.



Lisa Boersma

Church: 262-695-9695

Cell: 262-347-6338

Lisa is a member of Fox River Congregational Church in Pewaukee, where she leads and serves in many diverse projects and ministries. In order to better equip herself to serve God and the church, she completed Commissioned Lay Pastor coursework at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and is currently on staff at Fox River as a Licensed Ministry Assistant. Lisa has also served as Director of Religious Education, Assistant Lay Leader and Chair of Personnel. She was instrumental in developing and teaching the confirmation program, facilitating small group Bible Studies and developing and leading Sunday Worship in a local nursing home facility. In addition to developing and leading Sunday Worship at Fox River, Lisa currently serves as the chair of the Worship Team.

Lisa feels particularly called to minister to the sick and dying and to their families. She has compassion for those who are “distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36), and seeks to share with them the hope of Christ. This is a particularly significant part of her role as a lay minister at Fox River. Ultimately, Lisa feels led to continue her education and seek ordination.

​My first priority is to serve the people of Fox River Congregational Church. If I am not scheduled at Fox River, I am willing to serve and am flexible. sy.


Rev. Dr. Barry W. Szymanski


Rev. Barry is a retired Congregational Minister. He has taught these Lay Ministry Courses: The Torah / Pentateuch; Preaching; Pastoral Care; and Pastoral Ethics.

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