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Please Pray For These Churches

Afton Community Church – Pastor Phil Ramsey

They had 6 new members join this past Sunday; they’re an existing congregation of about 40 members; the church member average age is older and they would like to attract younger members; although they are small, his prayer request was that we pray for the flock to grow in their discipleship and to deepen their relationship with Christ.

Arena Congregational Church – Pastor Les Schultz

All is good in Arena; they just held their Annual Meeting this past Sunday; they are a small congregation – about 50 members; they are solvent and that is good; the church is active in the community; Les had no prayer requests but reminisced about how the WCA Annual Meeting used to be 2 days long and how he enjoyed that. It was with great DELIGHT that I shared with him the plans for this year’s Leadership Summit on April 28-29. On behalf of Les, let’s pray for our upcoming summit and that God would focus us on the details that need to be in place to allow this seminar to be effective for our members.

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