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Hello from Lone Rock, WI

I recently connected with Pastor Craig Peach, who has been serving at Lone Rock Community Congregational Church for 29 years. I was able to get updated contact information for him and the church and will be updating our website directory. Pastor Peach is happy to report that after five years of planning, the church has voted to install a chair lift to allow sanctuary access for a disabled member. One of the gifted members will be doing the installation. Also, the church recently had their annual Peach Shortcake Social, to honor (and maybe make a little fun of) Pastor Peach. Pastor Peach wears several hats in the community, in addition to his work at Lone Rock, so please help me lift him up in prayer: for strength, wisdom and protection. This is my first contact with Lone Rock in the past two years so it was a blessing to be able to share and pray with Pastor Craig.

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